Choose the default shape of the room

Did you use our configurator earlier? 

1. Adjust the size of the room.
2. To change the length of each wall, click and drag the arrows as needed.

1. Do you need to cut the corners of the room? Click the icon + in the corners and then drag them as needed.
2. No need for adjusments? Continue to placing the tiles.

1. Select the type of Fortelock
2. Choose the pattern and color
3. Choose the design
4. Select entryway trims and corners


Pattern and color

Selected colors:

Entryway trims and corners

By clicking on tiles near to the wall choose places, where you need entryway trims and corners

Entryway color

Choose a design

Loading necessary data

Great. You've just created your new Fortelock floor.

Recommended amount of tiles for your room:

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